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Amy Powers

Short-Term Rental Designer •  Coach, Instructor and Influencer

10% of my session fees wil be donated to:

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I built my Short Term Rental Design business after working with Investors as a home stager since 2007. Approaching Superbowl LIII in Atlanta, I started helping investors prepare their properties for STR. I fell in love with STR design and we've doubled every year since. Our success is based on how well we meet guest expectations while working to stay within a realistic budget and timeline. Creating curated spaces that lock in each properties demographic is our secret sauce. As well as being a successful entrepreneur, I have taught C.E. classes for Real Estate Agents. I have mentored and coached other small business owners as well as presented at several national conferences. My passion is educating others on ways to make beautiful, well-designed spaces that engage consumers. As a skilled designer and business owner, I want to continue sharing my skills and experience as a coach and mentor.

what to expect

Session Agenda:
•   30-Second "elevator" pitch

•   Ask up to 3-Questions


•   Get feedback about your questions


•   1-Final Question


•   1-Final tip or piece of advice

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