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Jonny Fowler

Business Coach • Social Media Marketing, Mortgage, & Real estate

For the past 28 years, Jonny Fowler has dedicated himself wholeheartedly to the mortgage industry. Every step he has taken was with the aim to improve the experience of his colleagues, whether he’s teaching social media to thousands of real estate agents or orchestrating the development of thousands of mortgage branches—which he has done since 1994. Jonny Fowler is an industry veteran, who knows what it takes for the people around him to succeed, and time and time again, he has unfailingly been their biggest fan. He’s created opportunities for growth, productivity, sales pipelines, improved customer service, and communication, and has even gone so far as to take new officers and agents on camera with him to establish their presence and promote their business. His steadfast commitment to everyone’s success is unmatched. It was that drive that allowed him to co-architect one of the largest privately-held mortgage companies and help them reach a whopping $16 billion per year. It's no surprise then that he was awarded NMP’s “Mortgage Professional of the Month” and was named the “Most Patriotic Employer” by the Secretary of Defense. What’s most common to Jonny is that it’s never enough, that there is no reason to stop learning, growing, innovating, and giving back as good as he’s gotten. Jonny continually sends that ladder back down, which is why he’s followed by thousands of people on every social media platform. When you care about others first, it comes back to you. That’s been Jonny’s motivation for decades. Jonny’s eyes are always on what’s next for the field, and he never stops promoting his employers as well as his co-workers. His tenacity has awarded him the honors of Top Mortgage Influencer of 2021 for the 2nd Annual Build Your Empire Mortgage Award Winners, National Mortgage Professionals Magazine’s “Most Connected” Award for four consecutive years, and the “100 Most Influential Mortgage Executives” by Mortgage Executive Magazine. As one of the most sought-after speakers in the mortgage industry, Jonny has appeared on numerous podcasts as well as created his own YouTube channels: You Know What’s Freaking Awesome, You Know What Pisses Me Off, and Mortgage Shots that were so successful, racking up half-a-million views in one year, YouTube sought him out for sponsorship. His podcast appearances have included: Agent Wealth Network Live, National Mortgage Professionals, MBS Highway, Jay Doran’s Culture Matters, National Real Estate Professionals, and Jay Scherr. The beautiful thing about his drive? He’s only getting started. Never one to stop while he’s ahead, Jonny continues to add value to the field with his two Amazon bestselling books, Here’s Jonny: Tales of Gratitude from the Oilfield to the Boardroom, and Don’t Fly the Cubicle: The Fowler Brothers’ Mind Your Business Thrive Guide. His reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, with readers talking about his trials and tribulations and how it encourages them to leave it all on the field. With his prolific accolades and accomplishments, Jonny has become a legend in the mortgage industry. But what is even more special about this man is how he positively lifts people up every chance he gets. He remembers names, faces, stories, struggles, and triumphs. He makes it a point to not just talk about making plans to help others; he wakes up every day and takes action—no matter if this is his employer, colleagues, agents, officers, or executives. That is the soul of the industry he is determined to keep alive—even if it means he is pretty dang tired at the end of the day!

what to expect

Session Agenda:
•   30-Second "elevator" pitch

•   Ask up to 3-Questions


•   Get feedback about your questions


•   1-Final Question


•   1-Final tip or piece of advice

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