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Joseph Haecker

Podcast host, startup mentor and entrepreneur

30% of my session fees wil be donated to:

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I am a serial entrepreneur, with 17 registered businesses to my name, as of 2022. I started my career in custom lighting, designing light fixtures for hotels and casinos, globally. While running a successful design consulting business in 2010, I realized that in order to earn a buck, I would need to sit at a computer for the rest of my life. It was in that moment that my pursuit of "passive income" would began. After 11 years of multiple attempts, and failed businesses, I discovered a very simple strategy for passive income. The strategy that I discovered is more of a mindset shift, which ultimately leads to a different way of thinking about business ownership in general. To learn in a few sessions, what took me 11 years and nearly $3 Million in failures and botched attempts, book a time to meet with me and learn how to begin shifting your own mindset about business ownership.

what to expect

Session Agenda:
•   30-Second "elevator" pitch

•   Ask up to 3-Questions


•   Get feedback about your questions


•   1-Final Question


•   1-Final tip or piece of advice

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