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Let's Launch Your Podcast Station!

Let's Create Your Station...

Ready to create your podcast station?

Getting started is simple!

You will need the following information ready, ahead of filling out your podcast station application:

•  Your podcast logo (for Dark Background)(PNG File • 25MB MAX)


•  Your podcast logo (for Light Background)(PNG File • 25MB MAX)


•  Your station Photo or Video Banner (MP4 or MOV File • 50MB MAX)

•  Your podcast website URL


•  First and Last Name of each of your guests


•  Emails for each of your guests

•  Decide if you would like your station Private or Public

We are excited to help you bring a new level of engagement for your podcast guests.

We are even more thrilled to offer your guests the ability to bring awareness and raise funds for their favorite charity and social cause.

what to expect

After Reviewing Your Application:
•   We will setup your station page

•   You will receive a confirmation email

•   We will email your podcast guests with instructions on setting up their profile

•   We will notify you of registration progress

•   All guests profiles will be live on the site

•   Any payments will be issued on the last day of each month

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