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Earn Money Hosting 1-On-1 Video Sessions with THRIVE

How The Sessions Work

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What's in it for you?

Make Money with Publik Speakr

As public speakers, regardless of niche, getting paid for speaking gigs is not always easy. And for those of us that do charge, creating engagement and conversion with audience members is also mot very easy. Publik Speakr not only makes it very easy for event attendees and audiences to follow up, but we also make it very easy for you to donate a portion, or ALL of the proceeds of your sessions to a charity of your choice! You set your owe rates. You choose to donate, how much and where it goes. We handle all of the logistics, and pay you monthly for your sessions. With Publik Speakr, we make it easy to monetize and build engagement as a Public Speaker.


Costs and Numbers

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You Set Rates

Your time is valuable. So, you should be the one to set the rates! Publik Speakr DOES require a $20 minimum, for each 15-minute segment. But any rate above that, is completely up to you. We do recommend offering a discount of each additonal 15-minute increment, up to 60-Minutes. But, you know how much your time is worth. So, you choose your rates.

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Membership & Service Fee

$12.50 a month Membership Fee, billed annually. 20% Service Fee on ALL sessions booked. 10% Referral Fee Allocation. Charitable giving is allocated from the balance, after fees are deducted. Except when 100% of the session fee is donated to a charity or cause, then Publik Speakr will waive the Service Fee, so that 100% of the ballance of your session fee will go directly to the charity or cause of your choice.

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Giving Back

Publik Speakr gives you the option to support a cause. Displaying your chairty's logo and the amount pledged, builds confidence with people scheduling a 1-on-1 video session with you. You choose the percentage you would like to pledge. And which charity you would like to support. Publik Speakr takes care of all the distribution for you!

What's involved?

Getting Started Is Easy!

Now that you've registered as a speaker for an upcoming event with THRIVE, lets help you connect with attendees!

Participation is simple!

Simply fill out the form below, providing the following:

•  Your own rates for 15, 30, 45 and 60 Minute Sessions


​•  A short bio, written in the 3rd person

​•  A longer two or more paragraph bio, written in the 1st person


•  Two different headshots


After your profile form is submitted, Publik Speakr will create your profile on Calendly.

•  Claim your new Calendly Team profile

•  Schedule your availability through your new Calendly "Team" account

Then, when an attendee or a site visitor pays and schedules a session with you, you will receive an email detailing why they want to meet with you, a brief overview of their company, and the 3-questions that they would like to get your advise and feedback on.

All sessions will be held through the Publik Speakr Zoom Account, located in your Calendly Event Notice. 

•  Simply log in at your scheduled time, click the Zoom Link and do your magic!

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